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Union Veterinary Clinic, 2000220002 Washington DCGet a quote!
Agworks Solutions LLC, 2000320003 Washington DCGet a quote!
International Fund For Animal Welfare, 2003620036 Washington DCGet a quote!
The Healthy Dog Store, 2000320003 Washington DCGet a quote!
Vca Macarthur Animal Hospital, 2000720007 Washington DCGet a quote!
City Dogs Inc, 2000920009 Washington DCGet a quote!
Consultative Group On International Agricultural Research, 2043320433 Washington DCGet a quote!
Doris Day Animal League, 2000220002 Washington DCGet a quote!
Animal Welfare Institute, 2000720007 Washington DCGet a quote!
Friendship Hospital For Animals, 2001620016 Washington DCGet a quote!
Kristal Southern,, 2001020010 Washington DCGet a quote!
National Association Of Federal Veterinarians, 2003620036 Washington DCGet a quote!
Department of Veterans' Affairs, 2042020420 Washington DCGet a quote!
Palisades Veterinary Clinic, 2001620016 Washington DCGet a quote!
Wellness Veterinary Care, 2001620016 Washington DCGet a quote!
Association Of American Veterinary College, 2000520005 Washington DCGet a quote!

Veterinarian Washington DC

Veterinarian Washington DC; get quotes from veterinarians in Washington DC and find an affordable vet near you. Vaccination, castration, sterilization, neutering, euthanasia and much more. Check prices from good reviewed animal hospitals in the Washington DC area.

Low cost veterinarian Washington DC

When looking for a low cost veterinarian it is ideal to get online quotes and thus compare prices. Submit your request via the form and the vets will get back to you within hours. Remember that cost and quality often go hand in hand, but not always. Sometimes the cheapest veterinarian in Washington DC will be the one providing the best service. Make sure you check the reviews and choose which ever veterinarian you like in or outside Washington DC.

Quotes from animal hospitals in Washington DC

The quotations are given individually be each veterinarian in Washington DC and the prices are therefore independent of the website. Petvetprices has no influence on the quotes given by the animal hospitals. If you own an animal hospital in or around Washington DC you may sign up by clicking the link in the top right corner. Our service is nationwide so you may also sign up where ever you live in the country.

Veterinarian, animal hospital or veterinary clinic?

Terms can be confusing. “Animal hospital”, “Veterinary hospital” and “Pet hospital” are the same thing. So is “Animal clinic”, “Veterinary clinic” and “Pet clinic”
The difference lies in “Hospital” vs “Clinic” and the difference is becoming less distinguished. A hospital is usually bigger, has the capability of hospitalization, performs more types of surgeries and has a fully stocked pharmacy. A clinic provides the most common treatments and operations. You may see the term “Full service”, in the name, indicating that this facility provide all services, but you need to ask to be sure.

Services that you can expect from animal, veterinary clinics:

  • Vaccine (Vaccination)
  • Castration
  • Sterilisation
  • Neutering
  • Microchip / Tags
  • Euthanasia
  • Dental cleaning / Nail cutting
  • Worm treatment
  • Common surgeries
  • Complex surgeries like broken bones and fragmented bones
  • Blood tests
  • ANIMALS: dogs, cats, birds, rodents (hamster, guinnea pig etc), lizards

Additional services that you may find in a Full service clinic or veterinary / Animal hospital in Washington DC

  • More complex surgeries
  • Hospitalization facilities
  • Fully stocked pharmacy
  • Animal x-ray (dog x-ray, cat x-ray etc)
  • Behavioural training (like dog training)
  • ANIMALS: Horses, pigs, cattle, dogs, cats, birds, rodents (hamster, guinnea pig etc), lizards

Note that the above information is far from absolute. As mentioned, the difference between Clinic and Hospital is becoming smaller. Use our website to get custom quotes and find a well-reviewed cheap veterinarian in Washington DC.

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