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To obtain quotes or order a service the following user information is
Name, Email, Mobile

This data will be used solely for the purpose of providing quotes on tasks that the users submit. Furthermore, it is possible to subscribe/unsubscribe to a news letter.

All relations between users (clients hiring professionals) and Veterinarians are legally an agreement between the user and the veterinarian. cannot be held accountable for any kind of loss in relation to user-veterinarian relations. The website is a platform where users can post jobs, search and find veterinarians and vice versa veterinarians can create profiles and bid on jobs. Petvetprices is not responsible for the bids sent or the data exchanged between users and veterinarians. Nor is Petvetprices responsible for any kind of economic or other loss.

Should any lega dispute over a posted job, profile, booking or other of the sites functionalities come to rise, it must be settled between user and venterinarian in accordance with the law.

All passwords are stored encrypted.

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